Jason Chan: The Best Of Eastern & Western Art

Jason Chan is an American Concept artist, whose art is textured and rich in details, giving it a photographic look, despite his comics-like style of drawing.

The 27-year-old artist currently works at Massive Black studio, where he has created art for several games, such as Dragon Age: Origins and Magic: The Gathering, and also several fantasy novel covers.

As a great fan of video games and comics, Jason Chan has also been inspired by painters like Sargent, old school illustrators such as Leyendecker, Rockwell, and the legendary Boris Vallejo, Brom, and Frazetta. Being also inspired by the art of mangas and animes, his artwork shows an interesting combination of Western and Eastern elements.

Jason Chan described what his work process is like. “My first step is familiarizing myself with what I am doing,” he said, “this means I read over any documents and look at any references my client sends me to make sure I understand what is expected of me.

“Then I proceed to make thumbnails for the client. I start these as black and white blobs that are slowly chiseled out until they are recognizable to people other than myself. I send these off and wait for comments.

“Based on feedback, I either continue on one of the thumbnails or start a new image and take it to a more finished state for another round of feedback. This continues back and forth until the client is happy.

“Along the way, I do my best to make the best image possible by paying attention to light and shadow, anatomy, perspective, and anything else that I can.” [1]

I have selected two other amazing art by Jason Chan. Visit his site for more.

Jason Chan Official Site

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