Highlight: Adam Brockbank

Adam Brockbank is a concept artist, who worked in the production of several mainstream movies, such as Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets (among others of the series), Tomb Raider, Alexander and Inkheart.

Unfortunately, there is very few personal information about Adam Brockbank on the web (as far as I could find) and no interviews. But I happened to uncover some background:

Like so many other concept artists, Adam Brockbank first got interested in art through comics, especially Marvel's Silver Age series. Brockbank spent 7 years learning painting, and joined the film industry as a storyboard artist, later working on concept art. [1]

If you know of any interview or articles about him (with some text and not only his amazing concept art) let me know. Thanks! :)

Here are some of his works:

Tomb Raider 2

Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets


Visit Adam Brockbank's site for more great concept art.

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