Aeon Flux Movie Review

Aeon Flux is a science fiction movie based on an MTV animated series that ran in 1991, 1992 and 1995, created by Peter Chung. The movie adaptation has a much more sophisticated look and refined plot than the original rough animation, and less of the disturbing suspense and strong images of the original.


Jason Chan: The Best Of Eastern & Western Art

Jason Chan is an American Concept artist, whose art is textured and rich in details, giving it a photographic look, despite his comics-like style of drawing.

Factory of Dreams: Talking About Reality Through Fiction

Impeccable melodies, soaring vocals and sci-fi thought-provoking lyrics make up the Factory of Dreams music, a Progressive Metal project of Portuguese multi-instrumentalist Hugo Flores and Swedish singer Jessica Lehto.


Beautiful New Thor Movie Images!

The Thor movie will be released only next year, but at least we have these beautiful images to give us a hint of what awaits us. Not enough, but at least it's some eye candy....

Source: IGN.com


Great Thoughts Must Be Expressed #1

"Sure, it's not very much, but you still made something where there was nothing before, and you had fun while you did it," I told myself, "so go ahead and enjoy it, but just keep it all in perspective. Use this as inspiration to keep writing – and finishing – all those other ideas you keep having."

- Actor Wil Wheaton on his latest writing experience.

Read whole text on his site.


The Inception Movie Comics

The Inception movie was released last Friday in the US, and as far as the trailer goes, the story seems quite interesting, and the looks are similar to that of Matrix, with amazing special effects.

The Yahoo! Movies site posted a comics, which introduces some of the elements of the movie. You can read it here: INCEPTION: THE COBOL JOB

The artwork is very good, done by Long Vo, Joe Ng and Crystal Reid of Udon, in the best "Western Manga" style.

The Inception movie has Leonardo Di Caprio as a lead, and is directed by Christopher Nolan (Batman: The Dark Knight), also starring Ken Watanabe (Cirque Du Freak), Ellen Page (X Men III), and Michael Caine.
This is the trailer for the movie. For more information, visit the links at the bottom of the post.

The Inception Movie Official Site


July Suggested Reading: The Named by Marianne Curley

Though The Named is a Young Adult Novel, it is a good read for any age, a captivating story that mixes time travel, psychic powers and immortality.

The Other Side: The Invisible Movie

Can a teen thriller about a near-death young man in his desperate struggle to get back to life make an engaging movie? The Invisible proves so.