Symphonic Metal / Darkwave Bands

List of symphonic metal and darkwave band profiles and articles published on the blog. Here you find a selection of some of the best bands of the styles from all over the world. More is added frequently. Any suggestions, let me know!

Factory of Dreams: Talking About Reality Through Fiction - Article about Progressive Metal duo, with video.

Arcana: Sophisticated Harmony - Article about Swedish Neoclassical band, with videos.

Culture Kultür: Electronica For The Mind And The Body - Article about the Spanish Electronica group with live video.

Within Temptation: Line-up Changes & A New Album Coming - Article about this great Symphonic Metal band and what their short future holds, with videos.

Ronnie James Dio: The Heavy Metal Master Has Passed Away - Article about the amazing singer, and the loving comments made by those who knew him, with videos.

Revamp: The Siren Has Returned - Article about Floor Jansen's new Symphonic Metal act, with videos.

Tiarra: Light & Darkness From The Land Of Dracula - Article about the Romanian Symphonic Metal band, with videos.

Mystic Sounds: Irfan - Article about the Bulgarian Ethereal band, with videos.

Entwine: Melodic Gothic Metal - Article about the Finnish Gothic Metal band Entwine, with videos.

Charlemagne: 88-year-old Christopher Lee’s Metal Project - Article about the Symphonic Metal band, with videos.

Echoterra: Progressive Melodies - Article about the Symphonic Metal band, with videos.

Goth Classical Music: Franz Liszt - Article about the Romantic Classical Music composer, with videos.

Katra: Bringing A New Element To Goth Metal - Article about the Symphonic Metal band, with videos.

Qntal: Neofolk With An Electronic Beat - Article about the Neofolk band, with videos.

Lyriel: Much More Than Folk Metal - Article about the Symphonic Metal band, with videos.

Older Posts:
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