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List of articles published on the blog about social and cultural issues. Some of the articles already published are about important issues such as racism, AIDS, freedom of speech, cultural respect, war, blood donation, fighting poverty, social phobia. More is added as it is published. Any suggested topics, let me know!

Also at the bottom of the page, you can find information about important causes happening now worldwide.

Music Industry Revolution: Adaptation Means Survival - 2nd article on the music industry crisis, the copyright law, file sharing and future solutions.

Music Industry Revolution: Surviving Amid Chaos - 1st article of 2 on the music industry crisis, the relationship between artists and record labels and the options available for artists to sell their records.

Eating Disorders: A Desperate Search For Control - 1st article of 4 about eating disorders, those who suffer from it, and how to help them.

Anorexia Nervosa: Illusionary Sense Of Power - Article about this eating disorder.

Bulimia: Purging The Excesses - Article about the eating disorder.

Media & The Way We See Ourselves - Article about media's brainwashing and its blame on the epidemics of eating disorders.

Natives In America: The Struggle of the Lakota Sioux - Article about the terrible social and economic issues the Lakota Sioux people are facing, comparing recent news information with what Twilight: New Moon Native American actor Chaske Spencer told in an interview. It also has information on how to help them.

Social Phobia: Turning One's Back To Life - Article about social phobia, the Japanese hikikomoris and how to deal with isolation problems.

Fighting Poverty - Article on what common people can do to fight poverty.

Help Haiti Earthquake Victims But Avoid Scams - Selection of articles about how to help the charities that are sending aid to Haiti and avoid scams.

Blood Donor Month: Give Your Blood! - Article about the importance of donating blood and answers to most common questions.

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Important Causes Happening Now

More information will be added soon. If you know of any cause, leave a message. Thanks!

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