Alternative Arts

List of articles published on the blog, on alternative art, such as concept, romantic, neo-classical, gothic, surrealist, symbolist artists, illustrators and photographers. Updated as more articles are added. Any suggestions for topics, let me know!

Jason Chan: The Best Of Eastern & Western Art - Article about concept artist.

Anne Stokes: Fantasy Made Real - Article about illustrator.

Pixel Art: Retro Art For The Future - Article about this alternative art, with several artworks.

Michele-lee Phelan: Fairy Worlds - Article about the artist.

Camille Rose Garcia: Weird Beauty With Social Criticism - Article about the illustrator.

A World Of Fairies: Selina Fenech - Article about the illustrator.

Phillip Straub: Pushing The Limits Of Concept Art - Article about concept artist.

Arnold Bocklin: Gothic Paintings For Inspiration - Article about painter.

Catlin Harrison: Unexpectedly Surreal - Article about photographer.

Dehong He: Breath-Taking Fantasy Art - Article about concept artist.

Stephan Martiniere: Sophisticated Futuristic Art - Article about concept artist.

Misty Benson: Eerily Pretty - Profile for illustrator.

John Howe: Middle Earth And Beyond - Profile for concept artist.

Gerald Brom: Beauty & Dark Creatures - Profile for concept artist.

Tim Burton's Art: Gothic With A Bite - Article about Tim Burton's art exhibition.

Howard David Johnson: Mythologic Images with Realism - Profile for illustrator.

A. Andrew Gonzalez: Surreal Spiritual Art - Profile for concept artist.

Older Posts:
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Highlight: M. C. Escher
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Highlight: Adam Brockbank

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