Alternative Movies

List of reviews and articles on dark fantasy and (occasionally) science fiction and historical movies. More is added frequently. Any suggestions, let me know!

Beautiful New Thor Images - Two new images of the movie Thor

The Inception Movie Comics - Link to the comics based on the movie, and the movie trailer.

The Other Side: The Invisible - Review of the thriller, with pictures and trailer.

The Illusionist: The Magician's Revenge - Article about this great period thriller with Edward Norton.

Addams Family: Creepy & Sweet - Article about the TV series.

Sherlock Holmes: Dark & Dirty - Review of the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

Darwin The Movie: So Much For Free America? - Article about the movie Darwin and censorship of it in the United States.

1st Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Trailer! - First trailer for Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows movie.

Ladyhawke: A curse between a werewolf and a hawkwoman - Review of classic fantasy movie Ladyhawke, with Michelle Pfeiffer, Rutger Hauer and Matthew Broderick.

Fun time: Ruby Gloom - Review of gothic Ruby Gloom cartoon with video clips.

Christmas Ghosts - Review of Jim Carrey's 3D animation movie A Christmas Carol.

Highlight: Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland - Pictures of Tim Burton's new movie masterpiece with comments.

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