Highlight: John William Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse (1849-1917) is one of the best known Pre Raphaelite painters, and the 160th anniversary of his birth has been celebrated this year. There are several exhibitions going on around the globe showcasing his amazing works, one of which is being held at London by The Royal Academy of Arts.

The site dedicated to John William Waterhouse's works, has an interesting article by Peter Trippi in which he comments on some of his artworks, giving some useful insight into the master's motivations and interests behind his creations:

Waterhouse's few surviving letters reveal a retiring personality probably more comfortable at home reading than attending Academy banquets...

He had long been fascinated with what Shelley called 'the loveliness of terror,' as seen in his decorous handling of such potentially gruesome subjects as the martyrdom of Saint Eulalia and the testing of Odysseus by the Sirens....

Even more than the Lady of Shalott or Ophelia, Persephone mattered to Waterhouse because her passionate awakening to sex, her death, and her metamorphosis conveys a hopeful message of natural regeneration, the survival of the mortal soul after the death of the body, and the potential for resurrection... [1]

In case you don’t know John William Waterhouse's works, below is a selection of some of his beautiful paintings. For more information, visit the site Jwwaterhouse.com.

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