Fun time: Ruby Gloom

Ruby Gloom is the perfect cartoon for the perky goths out there. In case you don't know what that is, perky goths are "cheerful, friendly and often bouncy to the point of hyperactive. They see the gothic lifestyle primarily as a way to have fun," according to the definition at the site Goth Stereo Types. This is a Canadian cartoon, released in 2006. The story is about a girl, Ruby Gloom, and her friends who live in Gloomsville, and have all sorts of adventures. It's a lighter version of Beetlejuice. Ruby has a cat called Doom Kitty, among her friends there are a cyclope girl, a crow called Poe, a skeleton named Skull Boy, a ghost, a bat... You keep wondering when the vampire, the mummy and the werewolf will pay a visit... Below is one of the episodes of the 1st season. It's called Unsung Heroes, and it's about when Len and Frank, the siamese musicians, are having trouble getting a singer for a festival show. Enjoy! More info: Ruby Gloom's Official Site

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