New project here!

For the last few months this blog has been on hold, but I'm resuming work on it today, and hopefully I'll be able to keep on working on it for a long time.
Besides stylistic changes, I've decided to change its approach, and instead of making it a news blog, which was too time-consuming for me, I'm making it a sort of "cultural diary" in which I'll share with you anything gothic art-related I come across, and not only novelties, but also all-time goodies.
Comments, suggestions and constructive critiques are welcome! I hope you enjoy the new contents and visit my other projects as well, which are the Goth, Celtic & Synthpop bands list at Tumblr, my Youtube channel, which has some projects of mine and selected videos, and my gallery at Deviant Art.
Best Wishes,
- Libella

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