December Suggested Reading: Meridian by Amber Kizer

Meridian by Amber Kizer

Meridian Sozu is a very unusual teenager. Since her birth, she attracted death like a magnet, insects, vermin, animals, they all appeared mysteriously in her bedroom, and every night she had to first clean up the carcasses before going to sleep. And also, when she woke up, she would still find others scattered across her room.

When Meridian witnesses a terrible traffic accident, causing her a mysterious pain, though she wasn’t injured, her parents decide to reveal the truth of what she is. Meridian is a Fenestra, and with the help of her aunt, she starts a journey to understand her talents.

A Fenestra is able to open a portal into the afterlife for the dying, and Meridian finds herself caught in an age-old fight between light and darkness for the souls of mankind, fighting the Aternocti, a group of dark forces who capture souls near death.The writer told in an interview what is her writing process and how she developed the story of Meridian:

“I do a mix of both outline and fluid writing. I have a box color coding system where I take characters and scenes and give them a color - write it all up in shorthand on a wipe board in a chapter box and have it to refer to as I work. With Meridian I wanted to answer the question of, “What if a girl looked human until someone died and then she became the light they transitioned through to Heaven?” And more, “What do people see when they see someone or something as they die?” [1]

If you like supernatural novels, you will certainly enjoy this first book by Amber Kizer.

Click here for a preview of the book. The links below have more information on Meridian and the author.

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