Jessica Galbreth: Fey Beauty

Jessica Galbreth's illustrations are some of the most used by gothlings on the web, in avatars, forum signatures, sites, blogs, you name it. She's very talented, and keeps a site in which all her artworks are available for purchasing in several formats, as Magnetic Print, Altar Tile, Canvases, and others.

Jessica Galbreth started her career in 1999, and specialized in illustrations of fairies, witches, vampires, Pagan goddesses and dark ladies of all kinds.

In an interview, Jessica Galbreth commented on her favorite subjects, she said “I love to paint goddesses and mythological subjects the most. However, these paintings aren't always what my licensors want from me...most of them prefer my lighter, more elegant winged women. I try to keep a balance between these and what I truly love to paint, which is my more mysterious, haunting images.”

In the same interview, Jessica gives some helpful advice for beginners: “I would tell them to be prepared to have tough skin and never give up on their dream. It is not easy for any of us to get there, and even more of a challenge to stay there. Be prepared to knock on a lot of doors, some of which will be promptly slammed in your face. If you don't have a good sense of business and marketing, align yourself with someone who does...you'll need it as much as you need your artistic talent.

“When the business gets you down, hold onto your successes. Be kind to others, and treat them how you'd like to be treated. Help other artists along the way...make friends with them. Never try to tear other artists down who are more successful than you - don't let the ugly side of envy get to you in this way or you will doom your own career with a serious case of bad karma. Spend your energy on positive things like creating your art.

“Develop your own style and stay true to your visions...however, be prepared to paint what are sometimes just "pretty pictures" if you want to do this seriously for a living. Always try to improve on your art, never get stagnant if you can help it.

“If you begin licensing your art to companies, be very very careful. Though most of them are wonderful and will have your best interest at heart, some won't and it's your job to protect yourself and your art.

“Most of all, enjoy it. Don't let anything get you down as you follow your dreams.” [1]

Below is a selection of Jessica Galbreth’s art; visit her site for more information.

Jessica Galbreth Site: http://www.enchanted-art.com/

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