Ladyhawke: A curse between a werewolf and a hawkwoman

Ladyhawke is a 1985 movie, directed by Richard Donner, with Michelle Pfeiffer, Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer and John Wood, among others.
It has a fantasy plot about a captain of the guard (Hauer) who fell in love with a young lady (Pfeiffer), who was loved by a bishop (Wood), who was a dark magick sorcerer (interesting twist that a priest was the story's villain), and cursed them so that she would be a hawk at day and he a wolf at night, keeping them forever apart. In the end, with the help of a thief (Broderick) and an exiled priest (Leo McKern), they find a way to break the curse.
The movie has a beautiful photography, with soundtrack by Andrew Powell from the Progressive Rock band Alan Parsons Project, and though the visual effects are a bit outdated (the werewolf transformation scene was done by superposing images of Hauer and a black wolf, as seen below), it still retains its beauty and interest.
Interesting detail: In Ladyhawke, the werewolf turns into a wolf not a "wolfman", which makes me wonder whether Twilight writer Stephenie Meyer got inspired by this movie...
Below is a selection of snapshots of the movie and the trailer. Cheers!

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