Help Haiti Earthquake Victims But Avoid Scams

On January 12, last Tuesday, a massive earthquake hit Haiti, leaving the already impoverished people of the Caribbean island in a despairing situation. People from all over the world are sending funds through institutions, and if you can, please join the effort. But beware of scams! Unfortunately, in such situations there are always those who want to profit from it.

I've found two pages that have interesting information about how to help and to avoid scams. One is from MTV.com and the other from MSNBC.com, which has a list of institutions that are accepting donations and at the bottom of the page, information on how to donate wisely.

If you're outside the US, check your local news for ways of sending help to them. Don't ignore their loss just because they're in another country. Take action! Even the smallest aid can make a difference.



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