Katra: Bringing A New Element To Goth Metal

Katra is a Finnish Goth Metal band, which has a great singer, with a very peculiar voice. While most Goth Metal frontwomen have delicate soprano voices, her voice is lower and melodious. The band was formed in 2006, and represented Finland in Eurovision 2007. They have only 2 albuns released to date, and there's not a bad song in any of them.

About the band's music, the singer Katra said: "Every song is a bit blue, but in the end the message is that there’s still hope. For example: I wrote Swear as a note to myself; Keep on your dreams and don’t let your life go to waste, though sometimes you may lose yourself." [1]

Though their second album is a kind of remake of their first one, but in English instead of Finnish, there's one song in Finnish, which is a cover of a Spanish song (globalization can also be great...).

Here's what Katra has to tell about it: "Kuunpoika is a cover song of Mecano's "Hijo Dela luna"... When we were looking for a cover song to play at the gigs, I heard that song in Finnish by Tuula Amberla. Both melody and lyrics made a huge impression, so I suggested that song to guys. They liked it too, so we have been playing it at gigs since then. It is one of our favorite songs at live, so I wanted it also in our album. I can't sing Spanish and there are no translations of that song in English. It would have taken too long time to apply the rights to write it in English. So I just sang it in the language in which it had already been translated - in Finnish. " [2]

Here are two videos of Katra. For more information, check out their site.

Katra's official site

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