Lyriel: Much More Than Folk Metal

Lyriel is a German Folk Metal band, formed in 2003, that mixes celtic, gothic, medieval and classic elements in their sound. Their style is very sophisticated, with complex melodies and beat.

When asked if the diversity of styles in Lyriel's music was intentional, the guitarist, Oliver Thierjung, answered that "that’s just how it turned out. It is sometimes not easy to find music that contains all our musical taste. We try to find a way and solution that is based on this concept. But we try also to develop our own kind of music and style. This is the idea behind Lyriel."

About the most important element in their creative process, Oliver said that it is "to find a new concept for every release, based on our style. Otherwise we try to find an enhancement for our style and music. The possibilities and ideas are unlimited, unlike the time." [1]

Lyriel's other members are: Jessica Thierjung (vocals), Sven Engelmann (bass), Martin Ahman (keyboard), Linda Laukamp (cello), Claudia Schäfer (violin).

Their latest album Paranoid Circus was released at the end of 2009.

Watch below two videos of their live performance.

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