Echoterra: Progressive Melodies

Echoterra is a great Symphonic Metal band formed by Avian’s guitarist Yan Leviathan and Jonah W in 2008, in the US.

Their music has the beats and melodies of other female-fronted bands like Nightwish and Imperia, but with a Progressive Metal twist, and both the former vocalist Suvi Virtanen and the new one Melissa Ferlaak have beautiful, if not very potent, voices.

They have only one album, The Law of One, and one EP, In Your Eyes, released to date, but they have announced a new release by early 2011.

In a recent interview, Leviathan talked about his reasons for forming Echoterra. He said that:

“I enjoy many kinds of music and I wanted a different outlet for the songs that I had written that didn’t quite fit Avian’s style. Jonah W and I are very good friends and I think that we make a very good writing team and the debut Echoterra CD is a good reflection of that.

“Unlike Avian where I write all of the music and the majority of the lyrics, Jonah composes the symphonic versions of the songs and I then re-arrange them a bit and write the guitar, bass and drum parts. It also allows me to write lyrics that I would not write for Avian; in fact, I make a conscience effort to write from a female’s point of view since we have a female singer.”

Talking about what moves him to make music, he said:

“My goal is for people to really listen to the music and get inspired to go out and find the truth; unfortunately, most people rely on the media and schools to tell/teach them the truth but in fact they are just being programmed with lies.”

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