Tiarra: Light & Darkness from the Land of Dracula

Tiarra is a Romanian band from Bucharest, whose sound is both potent and melodious. Formerly a Black Metal band, their sound now is more Progressive and Gothic Metal.

They have a unique combination of Metal instruments and strings, due to the playing of their cellist Iulia, and violinist Diana. Also, all the musicians have academic training on classical music, which makes their sound very rich and fascinating.

Their main vocalist, Anda, has a delicate voice, which contrasts as light to darkness with the tenor vocals of Alex (Indianu). The other members who complete their special line-up are keyboardist Johann, guitarist Tudor, bassist Adi and drummer Gabi.

Tiarra underwent several line-up changes since their formation in 2004. The following year they released their first CD with 6 songs, which was called Drama Per Musica, including the excellent songs To the End of the Light and Dying Soul.

It took them 3 years to release their second album, Post Scriptum, in 2008. In an interview, Alex explained what happened then: “Mainly it was the changes in our line-up. We took the time of finding our identity along with a sound we can call our own. We are still working on that, but I think we have the best possible formula member-wise.

“Another reason is that both albums were recorded with our own resources, which I have to admit are very limited. Even though Omvina, the label that produced "Post Scriptum" helped a lot by taking care of mastering, production and world-wide distribution, it still took us a long while to do the actual recordings, which were already finished by the time the label approached us.” [1]

Tiarra is currently doing some shows in their homeland, and intends to take their act to other European countries, but in order to do that there some obstacles to overcome, as Alex comments: “If in the rest of Europe to make money as a young metal band is quite hard, in Romania it actually is impossible. Here, when you draw the line you discover that you actually have to pay to do music.

“Even if we have five years of existence as a band, we still are at the beginning of our career. If you add this to the fact that Romania is a grey area on most of the strong booking agencies' maps you realize that it is hard for us to have such opportunities.

“To do a tour on our own, without being invited and supported by some good promoters is virtually impossible. But we hope this will change in time we succeed in making a name for ourselves. We will most definitely welcome any opportunity to come and perform anywhere around Europe and we would be honored to accept any such invitation.”

Let’s root for them!

Below are two live videos:

Source: http://www.tiarra.ro/biografie.php

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