Aeon Flux Movie Review

Aeon Flux is a science fiction movie based on an MTV animated series that ran in 1991, 1992 and 1995, created by Peter Chung. The movie adaptation has a much more sophisticated look and refined plot than the original rough animation, and less of the disturbing suspense and strong images of the original.

Its photography is amazingly beautiful, deeply influenced by Japanese art, with stunning state-of-the-art architecture, and very good action sequences, reminiscent of animes.

Aeon Flux’s story tells of a time in the future, in which the last millions of humans who survived an epidemic live in a walled city called Bregna, and despite the seemingly peace and prosperity in which they live, the government keeps a tight leash on the populace, and people go missing without a trace.

The Monicans are rebels who fight the authoritarian and secretive government, whose purpose is to take down the Goodchild brothers, a dynasty that has been ruling for centuries. Among them is Aeon Flux (Charlize Theron), who soon has personal reasons to finish with the Goodchilds once and for all.

Now more determined than ever to exterminate them, she takes an assignment to murder one of the brothers, Trevor (Marton Csokas), but doesn’t fulfill it because of an unexpected event that changes both their lives.

Trevor Goodchild wants to change the present state of things, but has to stand up against his own brother, Oren (Johnny Lee Miller), who wants to preserve it, and has his own agenda.

Aeon Flux wants to get to the bottom of what’s happening, and she ends up making an uneasy alliance with Trevor. Both must face their archenemies in order to reveal the truth to the people of Bregna, and start a new era.

Released in 2005, Aeon Flux was badly received by critics and had a box office of about US$ 26 million. The movie plot has been changed a lot, including the creation of Johnny Lee Miller’s character and the softening of Trevor, who in the animated series is Aeon Flux’ nemesis. Still, if you are one of those who consider each art piece for its own value, there’s much to enjoy in it.

At the time, Charlize Theron described her character as a “woman who is very strong and quite of a free thinker. Someone who doesn't quite always trust everything around her, questions a lot of what's happening around her in the society in which she lives [...]

“The greatest arch for her is that she thinks that this one thing, this one mission will change her life and make things better, and then actually what happens is that it just opens a big can of worms, as to her existence, and she has to make some really tough decisions” [1]

Here is a selection of screen captures and the trailer. Visit the sites at the bottom of the post for more information.

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