Pride And Fall: Powerful Futurepop

Pride And Fall's sound is both engaging and dramatic. The Norwegian group, formed in 2000, is currently composed of Sigve Monsen, Per Waagen, Svein Johnsen. They have only 4 albuns released to date, but they all have songs with strong beats and thought-provoking lyrics, akin to VNV Nation.

About his lyrics style, Pride And Fall's vocalist Sigve Monsen said, that "I don’t even recognize myself in the 'live and let live thing'... I would rather say live as you live, and take the consequences for your actions." Sigve also said that "in general, I bring to the surface more contents about looking back at one's own life, seeing all the mistakes and shit you’ve done or gone through. And then in the end cope with them all." [1]

Official site: www.prideandfall.com/ | MySpace

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