Stephan Martinière: Sophisticated Futuristic Art

Stephan Martinière is a French concept artist, cartoonist, and animation director, winner of a Hugo Award in 2008. He worked on major movies such as I Robot and Star Wars 2 & 3, made concept art for many book covers and games. His style is very sophisticated and precise, the colors always balanced and harmonious.

In interviews, Martinière has commented on his work process, saying that he tends "to use my imagination more at the beginning stages when I’m doing concepts, and finding compositions, original and unusual shapes. I do more research when the concept goes into the painting stage to find a mood, some texture or particular elements such as street signs, windows, etc." [1]

And when asked to compare the different media he has worked with, Martiniére said that "being an illustrator for film or animation is being part of an enormous machine. An artist also does not own his work and therefore has a lot of difficulties exhibiting his art much less exploiting it. The publishing industry especially in book cover is the exact opposite.

"In terms of the actual work there isn’t much of a difference between doing concept for a movie, an animated film or a game. There are obviously some technical limitations associated with each medium but doing concept is about ideas. Obviously that same idea will follow different path to completion and will be rendered in different ways based on each field. Animation for example will dictate certain simplicity of execution as opposed to a feature film. All in all as an illustrator I like doing book cover best." [2]
I've selected three of Stephan Martinière's amazing artworks. Visit his site for many more, which are also for sale in print.



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