Catlin Harrison: Unexpectedly Surreal

Catlin Harrison is a British illustrator and photographer, who lives in London, and does some amazing illustrations with composites of dozens of flowers to form a figure, or distorted images. Her pictures are very creative, reminiscent of the works of the renaissant painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo and of the surrealists.

Catlin uses Photoshop to put up the images together, and they take a long time to finish, because sometimes she works with over 60 scans.

About her style, she said that she's "very interested in the way of representing and expressing ideas about the human being, but as time passes, the images become stranger."

She gives some advice to fledgling artists: "Be prepared to work like crazy and try a little of everything, because every artist, illustrator and design must be seen by the largest number of people possible. And don't think there's only one way - there are many possible ways. You never know who will see it either. Don't limit yourself thinking that your work doesn't fit anywhere, experiment with absolutely everything - which of course takes a long time!"

I've chosen three of Catlin Harrison's works. Visit her site for more:

Catlin Harrison official site

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