Qntal: Neofolk With An Electronic Beat

Qntal is German Neofolk band, with both Gothic and Industrial influences, that has been around since 1991. Their singer Syrah (Sigrid Hausen) has a very beautiful voice, and the songs are entrancing with their medieval sounds and electronic beats, similar to another great German group, Faun.

About their music, the instrumentist Michael Popp said that it "does have a serious element to it, but I don't think of it as educating anyone. I think that could be a result of our German education and of our classical training. I personally never listen to any kind of "normal" pop music. I hate MTV and things like that… but I love experimental underground music: the weirder, the better."

While Popp plays several medieval and eastern woodwind and string instruments, Qntal's other member, Fil (Philipp Groth) plays guitar and keyboards.

Curiosities: Qntal's strange name is a made-up word that appeared in a dream Syrah had, and the band's albums are all numbered instead of named, because according to Popp "Qntal is in a permanent state of flow. The CDs are just snapshots of our work at a particular moment in time. They are not the most important thing for us. You can imagine what our record company thinks about this opinion." [1]

Below is one of their videos. Visit their site and Myspace for more information.

site: Official Site MySpace Profile

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