Book Review: The Dark Reaches by Kristin Landon

3rd part in a science fiction trilogy by Kristin Landon, The Dark Reaches is the story of a period in the future in which Earth has been dominated by intelligent machines called The Cold Minds that enslaved humans. Those who managed to flee, colonized planets called The Hidden Worlds.

In a trip through space, pilot Linnea Kiaho is contacted telepathically by humans living on Earth, who are seeking help against the Cold Minds. Because of the shock caused by the contact, she is separated from her partner Ian sen Paolo, and when she finally joins him, her only thought is to go with her partner to their rescue.

Together they will find a secret which may either save the Hidden Worlds or destroy it.

Kristin Landon has created a very clever and enticing future time, with some interesting concepts.

One of these is the neural and physical connection the pilots have to their ships, which sustain them during the journeys, and which they control directly with their minds, experiencing the trip with all their body, requiring them to curb their emotions so that the brutal effects of the voyage through space won’t affect them.

The author said that her favorite scene in the book was “when Linnea and her companions must hide from Cold Minds robotic probes aboard an abandoned spaceship. I'm proud of the trick Linnea comes up with to hide them—but the Cold Minds are thorough searchers. . .”

As an advice for fledgling writers, she says: “Work hard on writing the best book you can. Get feedback from people you trust, and be ready to spend whatever time and effort it takes to make your work the best it can be. A lucky break, a chance to get your work in front of the right pair of eyes, won't get you anywhere if the work isn't worth reading.” [1]

Kristin Landon has been a fan of science fiction since childhood. She has a degree in Chemistry and has worked as a research lab technician for several years before taking up writing.

Find out more about The Dark Reaches novel and her other books on her site. An excerpt, which gives a good idea of what awaits the reader can be found here.

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