Entwine: Melodic Gothic Metal

The Finnish Entwine is a Gothic Metal band with a very melodic sound, and vocals that despite being quite unpretentious, fit perfectly into the heavy and sometimes raw sound of the band.

Entwine started out as a Death Metal project of drummer Aksu Hanttu, guitarist Tom Mikkola and bassist T. Taipale in 1995. By the time they released their first album, The Treasures Within Hearts, in 1999, their sound had changed dramatically to a more melodic metal orientation.

The current singer, Mika Tauriainen, joined the band in the same year, and has become the voice by which Entwine’s sound is identified. The other members of the band are: Jaani Kähkönen (guitar), Joni Miettinen (bass), Aksu Hanttu (drums), and Tom Mikkola (guitar).

Their latest release is Painstained, about which guitarist Jaani Kähkönen commented that “this time we were able to combine all of the elements we have had during the last six years or so. I also had to mention that this time we had probably the best producer in Finland, Hiili Hiilesmaa. We cannot underestimate his contribution for this album. He’s so professional yet really easygoing.” [1]

Also Tom Mikkola said about the album: “Painstained contains some of the heaviest stuff we've ever written but at the same time you can find really mellow atmospheres, so there are contrasts between and even within the songs which is a good thing.” [2]

This will be the first album the band releases throughout Europe, as their label has recently opened an office in the UK. Jaani talked also about the current state of Entwine and its members:

“Everyone else but Mika is working or studying at the moment. It is extremely difficult to make a living in the music business. Especially in Finland where there is quite a low population. The amount of gigs we are able to do is limited. Actually I’m studying music and media management so I’ll probably be working in the business also in the future. I mean if I stop playing some day.” [3]

I’ve selected two videos of Entwine. Enjoy!

Source: Entwine Biography

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