Culture Kultür: Electronica For The Mind And The Body

Culture Kultür is a great Electronica trio from Malaga, Spain, whose music is similar to that of Covenant and Pride & Fall, but which stands on its own.

The group was formed in 1992, and its lineup is made of singer Salva Maine, programmer/producer Josua, live keyboardist Distortiongirl, and occasionally keyboardist Ray Storm.

In 1998, they distributed their first records, until they signed with German label Out of Line the following year. With the EP DNA Slaves, which has bold songs such as Manifesto and Reflex, they reached #10 in the German Alternative Charts.

Since then, Culture Kultür has traveled all over Europe and America, taking part in some of the main festivals of the style such as Wave Gothic Treffen, M’era Luna, Terra Gotha and Eurorock.

The Culture Kultür musicians are very passionate about music. In an interview, Distortiongirl described her love for it: “It seems incredible to me when a song, a sound, a melody, a voice can make you cry, imagine without limits or travel mentally. The music transports me and I believe that it pulls the best out of me.” [1]

Also, supporting the strong social opinions voiced in their songs, Josua reminded fans and listeners to:

“Defend your ideas without worrying about the pressure for changing or selling them... After all this is the only thing we can consider our own.” [2]

They have other two albums: Revenge, released in 2001, with the remarkable songs Forever and Lost Ideas, the EP Combat (2002), and Reborn, released in 2005, which reached #3 in the German Alternative Charts, and has the inspiring Wonder, Glimpse, among other thought-provoking songs.

Culture Kultür’s new album Spirit will be released next September through the Caustic Records label. You can listen to two new songs, Drum Machine and Blind Man here.

To close this post, I’ve chosen a video of one of their shows at Terra Gotha. For more information, visit the site below.

Culture Kultür's Official Site

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