The Illusionist: The Magician’s Revenge

The Illusionist is one of the best movies of the last decade. It is an impressive thriller set in the late 19th century, which has flawless photography, lavish scenarios and wardrobe, making you feel as if you were inside the movie, living the action.

Edward Norton is the illusionist Eisenheim, who causes controversy in Vienna, when he goes there for a series of shows. The movie begins at the end of the story, and then goes back, through the narration of inspector Uhl (Paul Giamatti), who tells the stern and ambitious Crown Prince Leopold (Rufus Sewell) what is known about him.

We learn that Eisenheim was originally a boy from a village nearby, who reportedly met with a magician on the road, who taught him his trade and vanished without a trace. The boy then started practicing maniacally, and fell in love with the beautiful Duchess Sophie Von Teschen (Jessica Biel).

Their relationship was prohibited, and on the night they decided to run away, they were found and separated. Eisenheim decided to go away and only returned years later as the mysterious illusionist.

Inspector Uhl becomes fascinated with Eisenheim’s tricks, while the Crown Prince becomes obsessed with him, demanding to know the secret behind his amazing illusions.

As Eisenheim and Sophie, who now is the Crown Prince’s fiancée, get involved again, his tricks become more and more sinister and inexplicable, making the crowd idolize him.

After he ridicules the Crown Prince’s ambition to succeed his father, the Emperor, in the aristocrat’s own palace, the Prince orders inspector Uhl to discredit him and make him stop his shows.

In the meantime, Sophie is found dead, and the blame seems to fall on the Crown Prince himself. After her ghost is called by Eisenheim onstage, the Prince is determined to silence him, but will he manage to, or will Eisenheim find a way to escape? Besides, did Sophie really die?

In addition to the amazing visual aspects, the Illusionist has very good dialogues and wonderful effects. Here are some pictures and the trailer, be sure to check the movie out.

The Illusionist IMDB's page

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